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Hell Hath no Fury : 

A set of custom made sculptures hand painted in the delft blue style of ceramics. It's an approach to represent the inner strength and fury that comes with being a woman, in contrast to an appearance of delicacy we're too often branded with. 

Women have repeatedly been construed as the "weaker sex" and are regularly being preyed on, or diminished in some way or another.
Too often portrayed as fragile and delicate, this project is an expression of the contrasting subtleties that come with femininity, as well as an attempt at vindication from a feeling of constant vulnerability that's been forced upon us.
It’s about inner strength, fury and empowerment.

 Delft Sculptures 1.jpg
 Delft Sculptures 3.JPG
 Delft Sculptures 2.jpg
 Delft Sculptures 4.JPG
Grenade 2.jpg
Grenade 3.jpg
Morning Star 1.jpg
Morning Star 2.jpg
Axe 2.jpg
Axe 3.jpg
Baseball Bat 2.jpg
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